Vera Edwards.

I sat down  with Vera Edwards, a creative, free spirited and kind woman. She's also an Artist. A great one at that.

Vera is someone I am lucky enough to call a friend. I met Vera via DM-ing her on Instagram when I first moved to Mallorca. I basically asked her if she'd be my friend. She invited me to her divine studio in Felanitx, featured in all these pics. We had wine and cheese and lost hours chatting, the rest is history. 


Here's what we chatted about, on this occasion...

WHO: Vera Edwards Dicenta. 




CURRENT LOCATION: Mallorca, Spain.



RESTAURANT: Bacco, its a small Italian restaurant in Alqueria Blanca.

STORE: Pintoresq in Portocolom.

BEACH: Cala Sa Nau.

BAR: Depends where on the Island but La Costa is the closest to me. Bar Esperanza too. 

CREATIVES: Adriana Menuie

STAR SIGN: Aquarius. 




MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: A sculpture my grandma made when I was born, she gave it to me when I turned 18 . It is a stone sculpture of a rabbit, as I was born in the year of the rabbit (like her). 



WHO YOU'RE MOST INSPIRED BY: I am inspired by my super talented friends, and by other artist I admire like Peter Doig and Marlene Dumas. I am also inspired by the strong women in my family. 

WHAT YOU DO: I am an Artist. More specifically, a figurative painter. 

THE DEFINING MOMENT THAT LED YOU TO BE AN ARTIST: When I decided to go to art school. I had always painted as a child and I am surrounded by artists in my family. I started taking life drawing classes in California, while going to high school at 16. I was encouraged by my teacher to pursue art, that and a bunch of serendipity put me on this path,  and is what got me to University in England.


WHEN YOU'RE NOT PAINTING, YOU ARE: If I am not in my studio working , I might be playing the ukulele, or at the beach for a swim. I also go for long walks with my dog - that keep me sane ! Or might be hosting a Paella party! 

IF YOU WEREN'T AN ARTIST, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN: I would have been into biology or working with animals. But I can't imagine myself not painting. 

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR CAREER: The biggest challenge I had to overcome was to believe in myself. It takes courage to put yourself out there,  not only showing your work, but talking to galleries and believing you are good enough. You would think they'd teach you in school how to sell yourself, but they don’t. It's hard to figure out. But I feel I have been very blessed in my career so far , and hope to keep moving forward. 

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