Anna Demidova

“Clay makes me happy,” explains the Lisbon-based Russian ceramic artist Anna Demidova. It’s a succinct summary of what has become her life’s work: crafting abstract ceramic works in a playful array of colours. An interior designer by trade, Demidova dabbled in photography and conceptual art before stumbling on a ceramics class in her native Russia two and a half years ago. A passion—and her second career as an artist—was born. Read Anna’s interview with Trobat below, AND SHOP HER EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION OF PIECES ON TROBAT.CO FROM 28 OCTOBER 2021.

What is your discipline and when did you first encounter it?

My discipline is ceramic art. Basically I am an interior designer, and for my entire life I have been into art. Through my work, I visited plenty of exhibitions and international furniture and art fairs, but ceramics have always touched my heart. I started my own practice around two years ago at a local studio in my hometown in Russia.

What was your journey to becoming an artist?

Since childhood I have been obsessed with all kinds of art and design. Around 10 years ago I took a photography course and then a course in conceptual art. I used to work with film photography and have participated in gallery shows. I graduated from a degree in graphic design at Kuban State University in Krasnodar, and as I finished with honours I was invited to teach. For three years I taught concept presentation, space planning and colour theory, which eventually led me to interior design projects. But once I began my journey with ceramics, I realised it was my passion. Clay makes me happy.

Who are the key artists whose work inspires your own?

I’m not inspired by other artists, nature inspires me.


I’m currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. My studio is located in the very beautiful historic district “Graça”, and I share it with other talented designers and artists. The energy, the people and the beauty around make it special.

Who's on your dream dinner party guest list, and what do you serve?

I am not obsessed with iconic people. I have favourite figures of art and design. One of them is a Russian designer Harry Nuriev. It could be cool to have something vegetarian together.

What's a film you watched and book you've read recently that had an impact on you?

The film McQueen. I was very impressed and found it interesting to know the path and inner world of other artists.

What is your star sign and do you believe you embody it?

I am a Cancer and I know my natal chart. I was born to create.


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