Dolli Taylor has 12 years of experience as marketing manager, publicist and agency director for globally recognised luxury fashion and lifestyle brands and talent —but her passion for curation and collecting came far earlier than that. Raised in the picturesque Sydney suburb of Wahroonga, Dolli’s childhood home was an eclectic maze à la Alice in Wonderland, thanks to her father’s insatiable love for antiques, and her interior designer mother’s sharp creative eye. At one point the house boasted 50 vintage champagne buckets, 400 antique wax seals, and an unprecedented number of antique globes. 

Years later, Dolli channels her parents’ creative spirit with an unrelenting desire to unearth pieces that inspire, fulfil the soul, and give life to a space. In her career she has travelled to all corners of the globe, inevitably seeking out some hidden artists’ studio or boutique ceramics store as soon as she hits the pavement, rapidly filling her own home—in Mallorca, Spain—with a bounty of hidden gems, each with their own story. As Trobat’s founder and head curator, Dolli’s well-honed eye informs every artwork and precious object that appears on Trobat. As the brand’s name—meaning ‘found’ in Catalan—suggests, Dolli’s vision is to find the most unique, talented and disruptive Artisans in the world, and bring their story and craft to a growing global audience.