We Ship Worldwide!
We Ship Worldwide!


Our evolution as people is often reflected in our living spaces—treasures collected on far-flung travels, well-thumbed books that changed our perspective, one-off furniture pieces snagged at a flea market and lovingly carried home… At Trobat, the home is the centre of our universe. The art we sell is intended to be added to the fold of your interior life, hung proudly, viewed and loved. It is in this spirit that we bring you Trobat Casa, an eclectic line of homewares instilled with the Trobat spirit. Ranging from hand-crafted ceramics, created by our founder and curator Dolli Taylor, to wax drip candles, hand-stitched linen serviettes, and more, the Trobat Casa collections will help accessorise your living space and bring a touch of the all-encompassing Trobat ethos to your home.

Trobat founder Dolli Taylor stumbled upon an unlikely passion when she relocated from Australia to Mallorca: the art of ceramics. Now, she brings her passion and creativity for hand-crafted ceramics to Trobat, creating an eclectic collection of candlestick holders, ring bowls, salt bowls, small plates, dinner plates, dining bowls, vases, napkin rings and more. All pieces are one of a kind, with varying shapes and sizes that make every piece of Trobat Casa Ceramics one-off and unique. The pieces are abstract and formless, the end result of glorious, hapless creative energy, glazed in a radiant palette of colours that evoke the Mallorcan landscape: the Yves Klein blue of the lapping ocean, the soft cream of the sprawling sand, the pink blush of the setting skyline. Each piece is made with love—a piece of Trobat to bring into your home, use, and love.

You can shop the first of the Trobat Casa Ceramic collection now and next month more Trobat Casa from linen to candles will arrive.